多倫多管理學院 TSoM

Toronto School of Management

"Inspired by Industry. Driven by Student Success”


多倫多管理學院 (TSoM) 是一所創新的College,TSoM提供廣泛的以職業為重點的工商管理、酒店、旅遊和會計課程。TSoM 提供當前的相關課程,這些課程側重於應用學習,以支持我們學生和社區。





多倫多管理學院 TSoM 可以通過為您提供全面支持以及您在職業生涯中取得進步所需的行業相關知識和技能,幫助您在生活的所有專業方面取得成功。

通過 TSoM,您將學習由我們經驗豐富的教師教授的高質量課程,他們是幫助學生在考試中發揮全部潛力的專家。


  • 支持您發展的教師:我們經驗豐富的教師擁有可以與學生分享的行業知識,提供全力支持並經常檢查您的進度。
  • 將學習與實際工作聯繫起來的合作項目:我們的四個文憑包括在職培訓,將您的課堂學習與與您的學術和職業目標直接相關的受監督的實際工作經驗相結合。
  • 多倫多市中心交通便利 位置:學校位於地鐵主幹線上,交通便利,靠近商業、住宅和零售空間 – 確保您需要的一切都在附近。
  • 專注於您的經驗:我們會不斷檢查您的表現和滿意度,以確保您的課程滿足您的學術和個人發展需求,並與商業世界的需求保持相關。
  • 最先進的設施:我們寬敞的空調教室配備了最先進的多媒體、互聯網連接和音頻設備,提供最佳的學習環境。


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TSoM 多倫多管理學院 Toronto School of Management 打工遊學
TSoM 多倫多管理學院 Toronto School of Management 打工遊學



雅思5.50 / 托福71 或 通過學校線上英文測驗 + 10分鐘英文面試+通過Wonderlic Test


TSoM 多倫多管理學院 Toronto School of Management 打工遊學

TSoM 多倫多管理學院 Toronto School of Management 打工遊學

 “Inspired by Industry. Driven by Student Success.”

TSoM is a school offering a range of diplomas and programs in business, hospitality, big data and accounting.

They work with industry leaders to design and deliver innovative and career-centric programs.

They work tirelessly to provide students with the right combination of academic excellence and practical hands-on experience, educating ambitious people to take their careers further.

Industry Partnerships to help us develop career-focused, community-responsive education and training.

  • Delivering a comprehensive range of credentials which span many fields.
  • Effective learning pathways to help you build on your credentials while recognizing your previous learning.
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship through our unique blend of theoretical, applied, and breadth learning, including work experience and multiple opportunities for experiential learning and entrepreneurship.
  1. Student- Centred – Our highest priority is the future success of our students.
  2. Excellence – we are committed to offering courses that go above and beyond the rest.
  3. Innovation – our collaboration with businesses means that we are always creating new ways to teach students relevant skills.
  4. Respect – we believe that diversity is a source of strength, and we protect the rights and dignity of our students and staff.

The Toronto School of Management (TSoM) is an innovative post-secondary college offering a broad range of career-focused programs in business administration, hospitality, tourism and accounting. TSoM provides current, relevant programs that focus on applied learning to support the success of our students and communities. You’ll reach professional success with our support and the skills you’ll learn with us.

TSoM Our experienced tutors deliver the highest quality of tuition, using their expertise to help you achieve your full potential. Toronto School of Mangement  vibrant Toronto campus is situated in the heart of Ontario’s capital – Canada’s business and culture hub – and is easily accessible by public transport. We are excited to welcome students from around the world and guide them to becoming successful professionals. We can help you succeed in all professional aspects of your life by providing you with full support, and the TSoM industry-relevant knowledge and skills you need to progress in your career. With TSoM, you will study high-quality programs taught by our experienced faculty, who are experts when it comes to helping students achieve their full potential in their exams. Why the Toronto School of Management Expert Faculty Who Support Your Development: Our experienced faculty have the industry knowledge to share with their students, offering their full support and checking your progress frequently. Co-Op TSoM Programs Linking Studies With Real Work: Four of our diplomas include on-the-job training, integrating your classroom studies with supervised practical work experience directly related to your academic and career goals. Convenient Toronto School of Mangement Downtown Toronto Location: The school is conveniently located on a main subway line, close to a blend of business, residential, and retail spaces – ensuring that everything you need is close by. A Focus On Your Experience: We are constantly checking your performance and satisfaction to ensure that your program meets your academic and personal development needs, as well as remains relevant to the demands of the business world. State Of The Art Facilities: TSoM  spacious, air-conditioned classrooms are furnished with state of the art multimedia, internet connections, and audio equipment providing an optimum learning environment.

Toronto School of Mangement You’ll be able to use our computers and free WiFi to complete assignments for your classes and communicate with your friends and family.